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Even though Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, the brand didn’t become internationally recognized until 13 years later, in 1991. It was in the nineties that Diesel began an aggressive marketing campaign to introduce the brand to the world. The first Diesel flagship store opened in New York City in 1996, just as the denim line experienced a surge in popularity in the United States. Over the past decade, the extremely successful denim line expanded to include accessories, a home line, perfume and a children’s line. Diesel currently has 300 stores worldwide in over 80 countries, with its headquarters in Molvena, located in Northern Italy.

Diesel’s creative and provocative marketing targets a younger demographic. These trend-setters want to express their inividuality through their clothing, as well as lead an independent and exciting life. Wilbert Das, Diesel’s creative director, has been with the company since 1988 and oversees all product design as well as manages Diesel’s image through advertising and new product development. Diesel also prides itself on hiring a talented and innovative staff to create products that start trends, not copy them.

The company also sponsors several events and programs for their talented and creative target audience, such as contributing to the Sundance Film Festival and exhibiting new designers and photographers. Diesel also focuses on music, offering a music social network through their website called Diesel:U:Music. Musicians can upload and share music with other musicians, and enter contests to win their own headlining world tour sponsored by Diesel.

Diesel’s accessory line is quite popular, especially their watches, which are available for men, women and also includes several unisex styles. Like Diesel apparel, Diesel watches incorporate breitling navitimer fashion and culture trends in their design, and also showcase the latest technology. Classic styles incorporate more of a sleek look with wide watchbands that are available in Italian leather, oversize numbers and a chic stainless steel case. For a more avant garde design, Diesel’s Black Label offers watches that feature the watch faces in an unusual place, the sides, leaving a smooth black surface in the place of the traditional watch face. Another Black Label design displays three different time zones with a triple-hinged watch band. The watches also boast a 2-year warranty.

Whether you are choosing a Diesel watch as simply a stylish timepiece or as a conversation starter, Diesel offers a well-made product that will demonstrate the wearer’s jet-setting sense of style and unique personality.

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